Do I Need to Understand Everything About Predictive Analytics?

The short answer is no, thank goodness.

However, if you purchase expensive visualization and analytics tools you’ll probably want to put the effort in to get your money’s worth. So in that case you will want to become somewhat of an analytics expert.

But, if instead, you rely on a consultancy like ours which can do all the key leg-work using open source tools and at a fair charge out rate, we can inexpensively take you through the predictive analytics learning curve at the level you want to be involved. You might be happy with us showing you that 76% of your predictivity comes from these 3 variables and an additional 24% from another 17, or that 81% comes from the simple MLR analysis and the remaining 19% comes from the sophisticated ANN algorithm. That might be sufficient to then let us implement a solution without your needing to become a data scientist.

And of course we can readily manage the translation of our open-source investigations into the language of your preferred legacy implementation at the end if necessary, once we’ve determined where your predictive advantage lies.

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About Paul Pallaghy

I'm a PhD physicist & technologist with track records in computational physicist, AI, bioinformatics, structural biology, marine biology, outbreak epidemiology and multiple tech, biotech & agtech startups.
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