Why is Predictive Analytics Better Than Just Watching the Key Variables?

Sometimes it’s tempting to wonder whether all this predictive analytics is worth it, and instead, just watch your key variables. But here’s where the fallacy lays: it’s the subtle extra information in the other variables which can typically double your predictability.

Now, by trial and error, you could try and manually search for these subtle additional predictors that together add significant predictability. But, firstly, that’s the point of predictive analytics, and machine learning in particular, once configured it does it for you automatically and optimally. Secondly, and perhaps even more importantly, machine learning will continue to learn even as your data changes.

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About Paul Pallaghy

I'm a PhD physicist & technologist with track records in computational physicist, AI, bioinformatics, structural biology, marine biology, outbreak epidemiology and multiple tech, biotech & agtech startups.
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