How Do We Start Using Predictive Analytics in Our Company?

At Antara PA we recommend, regardless of your company size, that you should talk to a predictive analytics specialist like us before purchasing advanced analytics and visualization tools or choosing an implementer. We can show you how predictive YOUR data is for your bottom-lines, obligation free. Then, if you chose us, we can do a full analysis and an implementation recommendation, whether to be done by us or otherwise. Whatever way you go, you don’t waste your budget with us.

The alternative is to purchase sophisticated tools and try and nut-it-out yourself, and/or sign-up with an implementation consultancy where the predictive analytics expertise may reside in a ‘module’ expert who may not even be a data scientist.

The upshot is, there is nothing to lose, and a lot to gain, in doing a quick analysis with a consultancy like us where predictive analytics is all we do.

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About Paul Pallaghy

I'm a PhD physicist & technologist with track records in computational physicist, AI, bioinformatics, structural biology, marine biology, outbreak epidemiology and multiple tech, biotech & agtech startups.
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