Antara Predictive Analytics is a Melbourne-based consultancy specialising in predictive analytics for business, industry, government and academia. We can show you, for no obligation, what YOUR actual data can do for you: How predictive is it exactly for the bottom-line endgames you have in mind? And then we can set you up to take advantage of that either using open source tools or your chosen ERP environment whether it be SAP, HP, IBM, Microsoft or otherwise.

You do not necessarily need to purchase advanced visualization tools and invest in an extensive data-science education. We can expose you to the data-science only to the extent that you require. Because internally we use open source tools, our solution will be the most cost effective, and because we specialize in predictive analytics it will be a world’s-best-practice solution.

Remember to check out our blog. We have quick, readable articles on how your company can get into predictive analytics, what the difference between simple statistical  vs sophisticated machine learning methods can do for your bottom-line and why you would want to use predictive analytics in the first place.

Paul Pallaghy, BSc (Hons), PhD, Principal of Antara PA, has 20 years track record in predictive analytics and number-crunching applications in business, bioscience, engineering and policy.

To contact us click here.

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